Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of those things you rarely pay attention to, until it’s not working right. There’s nothing worse than a cold shower first thing in the morning. At Augusta Plumbing & Heating, we’re known as the most affordable water heater replacement team in Central Minnesota. We also have more than 30 years of experience fixing what ails water heater systems.

We’ll quickly respond to your water heater needs across the Central Minnesota area. Contact us anytime to learn more or schedule an appointment.

  • Owner Shane Kurth is a Minnesota state licensed master plumber – #PM064347.
  • Augusta Plumbing & Heating is a Minnesota state licensed plumbing contractor – #PC643143.
  • We are also licensed in several cities across Central Minnesota.
Mr. Ragusta says: "Is your water heater about to take it's last breath? Call Augusta Plumbing & Heating!"

Mr. Ragusta says: “Is your water heater about to take it’s last breath? Call Augusta Plumbing & Heating!”

Water Heater Maintenance

When your hot water stops flowing, some of the most common reasons include bad heating elements, inaccurate thermostats, problems with the pressure relief or drain valves or the thermocouple, sediment, and more. If you have a gas water heater, it may be a simple pilot light issue, but there may be more too it a well.

Gas or electric water heaters as well as tank-less water heaters are all able to be maintained by our team at Augusta Plumbing & Heating! We’re happy to take on any challenge and get your hot water back with a fast-acting but long-term solution.

Maintaining your water heater regularly is the key to not running into an emergency situation, so contact the professionals at Augusta Plumbing & Heating for a checkup or to fix a problem.

Water Heater Installation

In Central Minnesota, we’re #1 for affordable water heater replacement. We keep costs low to pass the savings on to you, but our experience and dedication shine through on every installation.

If you need a water heater for the new house you’re building or a replacement for an old standard, we can quickly and efficiently install it and get your up and running. We are the local, affordable choice for water heater installation, and we’ll work with you through the entire process to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Many of the water heaters we see in service today are only 60% efficient. Upgrading to a 96% efficient unit can save you money every month of the year, and with a 15 year warranty you won’t have to worry about a rusty, leaking tank any more!

Call or message us anytime right on our website, and we’ll get to work on your maintenance or installation water heater project!


We can install and maintain any brand of water heater, but some of our most common partners include:

  • Rheem;
  • A.O. Smith;
  • Bradford White;
  • Navien;
  • Bosch;
  • Ruud;
  • Rinnai; and more.